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Easy Eco lick is a feed supplement that is specifically designed for animals such as cows, bulls, goats, and sheep during the dry season. The supplement is made up of salt, urea, wheat bran, sunflower, P21, and molasses, which provides a complete mixture of essential nutrients required for the animals' healthy growth and development. The supplement has several benefits, including being high in phosphate, which helps to strengthen the animal's bones and teeth. Additionally, the high protein intake provided by the supplement is essential for the animal's muscle development and growth. The supplement is also convenient, as it is ready-mixed, making it easy for farmers to use. The recommended intake for the supplement is 300g per head for cows, bulls, and goats, while sheep require 80g per animal. By incorporating Easy Eco lick into their animals' diets, farmers can ensure that their animals receive the necessary nutrients to maintain optimal health and productivity, particularly during the dry season.

Easy Eco Lick

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