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ONDJUPA P6 is a lick designed for all seasons, suitable for cows, bulls, goats, and sheep. Its content includes P21, molasses, salt, and microminerals. P21 is a mix of phosphate and calcium, which is essential for optimal production and reproduction maintenance in animals. This lick serves as a nutrition optimiser for animals that are in P-deficient areas, have decreased feed intake, decreased milk production after calving, decreased reproduction in the herd, suppressed appetite, lower muscle mass by weaner, and less weaner calf production.

To ensure maximum benefits, it is recommended to feed cattle with 60g-150g of ONDJUPA P6 per day. The presence of salt in the lick helps to control the amount of feed consumed by the animals, preventing overeating. This lick is particularly useful in areas where animals are at risk of botulism due to P deficiency. Overall, ONDJUPA P6 is a beneficial feed supplement for maintaining the health and productivity of livestock, especially in areas with P-deficient soils.

Ondjupa P6 Lick

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