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Ojtokoviyao lick is a specially formulated feed supplement that is designed to boost the health and productivity of cows and bulls during the dry season. The supplement is made up of P.E.G, wheat bran, soya bean, sunflower, salt, molasses, and urea, which provide a complete mixture of essential nutrients required for the animals' healthy growth and development. The supplement offers several benefits, including being a high protein booster, which is essential for muscle development and growth. Additionally, the high energy content of the supplement helps to boost the animals' overall health and productivity. The added ingredient in the supplement that helps in neutralizing toxins is essential, especially in areas where the soil is prone to accumulating toxic substances. The recommended daily intake for the supplement is 400g per cattle per day, which is easy to administer, making it convenient for farmers. By incorporating Ojtokoviyao licks into their animals' diets, farmers can ensure that their animals remain healthy and productive throughout the dry season.

Otjo Okoviyao Lick

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