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ANIM Otjozondjupa Mix is a high-quality lick specially formulated for the dry season and designed to improve the health and productivity of cows and bulls. It contains a well-balanced blend of wheat bran, herkouer, soya bean, sunflower, and urea, which provide essential nutrients and energy to support the animals' health during the dry season. This lick offers numerous benefits to farmers, including increasing the intake of feed, improving the process of digestion, helping to maintain body mass, and being a ready-mixed solution, which saves time and effort. The recommended intake for Otjozondjupa Mix is 400g per animal per day, which is ideal for ensuring that animals receive the necessary nutrients for optimal health and productivity during the dry season. By incorporating this lick into their feeding program, farmers can improve the health and productivity of their livestock, which will ultimately translate to better profits for their farm.

Otjozondjupa Mix Lick

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